History of Bollywood sarees in India

The wide reach of bollywood and television soaps has changed the clothing style of the females. A large percentage of urban population of women wants to imitate the fashion styles which the bollywood actresses flaunt from western to Indian traditional dresses like saree and salwar kameez. This gave birth to bollywood sarees.

In the past, in 80s, there was a movie named Brahmachari in which Mumtaaz wore the saree in a different way and that style came to be known as “Mumtaaz saree”. Many women copied that style of wearing saree. Today, there is wide range of bollywood sarees available to pick and choose from. If you want to imitate the style of your favorite bollywood actress in a party or get together, then you should contact us to choose the bollywood saree similar to your favorite actress’s saree. We are bollywood saree manufacturers in India.

Bollywood sarees are the sarees worn by the actresses of Indian film industry and the name of the saree is always put on the name of the actress who wore that saree. The bollywood sarees consists of intricate traditional embroidery work and is available in a number of fabrics such as shimmer georgette, crepe jacquard, resham, zari work, silk, faux georgette, etc.

The fashion and style of bollywood sarees comes up with a new design and colour every year, and sometimes repeat history or old designs. We are bollywood saree dealers in Mumbai. If you want to purchase the brand new designer bollywood saree, you just need to visit our store and select the one that suits you best and is according to your choice.

Bollywood saree has become an important ensemble of modern woman and is now not limited to bollywood actresses and upper class ladies. Even a middle-class woman can afford to wear the modern designer bollywood sarees flaunted by the actresses at different events and dos.